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Life Sciences Feature

Life Sciences Services

Listed below are some of the more popular services provided. Special requests can be addressed by The McConnell Group’s staff of subject matter experts.

Services We Provide

  • AAALAC Pre-inspection Services
  • AALAS Training
  • ABSL I, II, III Support
  • Agricultural Assessments
  • Aquatic and Invertebrate
  • Research Support
  • Data Analysis and Report Writing
  • Disaster Planning
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Facility Management
  • IACUC and Investigator Training
  • Medical Administrative Technicians
  • Military Working Dog — Kennel Management
  • Pre-Clinical Development
  • Research and Laboratory Support
  • Risk Assessment
  • Veterinary and Animal Care Staff

Life Sciences supports organizations requiring specialized animal husbandry services, laboratory animal sciences, environmental, pre-clinical development, facility management, veterinary and surgical support, and research and technical support.